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  • Tony Bowman

    Expert-Firefighter 22 years

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    “A lot of times with 911, they just tell us it’s an alarm. With the SafeStream video component, we can

    tell how many lines we need to lay, if smoke is showing, if the power lines are down, and other

    information necessary for us to do our job, save the structure, and the lives within”.

  • Kari Hedegard

    Customer - Nur Islamic School

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    “With SafeStream, we have real-time communication (during an emergency)...It's a game-changer for saving lives".
Alert in Seconds
Emergencies are reported realtime with button press.
Live Stream Emergencies
Live stream talk or chat with dispatchers.
Archived Streams
All live streams are archived and stored securly.
Protect your Organization
SMS messages are sent to all stakeholders. 

Strategic Partners

help_outline   ━━ Why us?

We are partnered with the leading public safey and technology providers in the Industry. 

Whether it's onsite training by former SWAT members or realtime data feeds to 911 and dispatches anywhere in the US, 

SafeStream has you covered.

RapidSOS ensures our data securely and quickly, routing the data to the nearest 911 and first responders in the area.
tekHouse powers SafeStream and is our strategic development and implementation partner, making our vison reality.
STAT provides Strategic Threat Assesment, and Active Aggressor Training, empowering our clients with the training they need to keep employees safe.