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Jou Jou Papailler

Founder & CEO

Jou Jou Bio

Mr. Papailler has a varied background which includes: social entrepreneurship; acting professionally; sales and marketing for his own TV/Film production and children’s fitness education company, Papailler Creative LLC; and Organizational Development, focusing on qualitative and quantitative research, SWOT and GAP analyses for small and large organizations.

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Curtis Warfield Bio

Financial Consultant

Curtis Warfield Bio

As the CFO for HCA Healthcare Network in Louisville, KY, and Greater Nashville, Curtis led the development of effective strategies, provided visionary insights, and perspectives for managed care. As the Chief Audit Examiner for Anthem (a 100 Billion Dollar Health Insurance Company), Curtis’ Duties included Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Controls and Assurance and Internal Audits. Curtis’ valuable expertise is utilized on such boards as JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and Texas Roadhouse, among others

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Brad Lackey

/Co-Founder & CTO

Brad Lackey Bio

Mr Lackey has over 15 years of IT managerial experience within the private, public, and government sectors. He has demonstrated the ability to provide unique approaches to solve complex technology issues, aligning technology with long-term business goals. In addition to overseeing systems operations, Brad has overseen department finances, implemented policy strategies, and developed and managed technology teams for companies, such as The National Center for Families Learning (NCFL).

Lawrence Winburn

Co-Founder & COO

Lawrence Winburn Bio

Lawrence’s background lies in successfully directing organizational planning and performance through strategic processes and staff development. Throughout his career, he’s managed recruitment procedures, employee training initiatives, staff coaching, and union and non-union labor relations. Lawrence has successfully achieved short- and long-term goals (including devising 5-year strategic plans) by developing and executing business strategies while abiding by the appropriate SOPs. Other duties performed by Lawrence include: overseeing business operations and financial performance; supervising and coaching executives in their duties; creating employee morale-boosting practices; and board member implementation.

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Melinda Grayson

CEO/TekHouse & Technology Partner

Melinda Grayson Bio

Melinda runs one of the most successful African American Software companies in Oklahoma, tekHouse's IT consulting practice helps CIOs and IT leaders design and implement advanced solutions in Cloud technologies, security, data management, applications and compliance. tekHouse works to address IT security and privacy issues and deploy advanced and customized application and data management structures that not only solve problems, but add value to organizations. Technology will drive your future, with tekHouse you can be confident it takes you where you want to go. "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

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Nathaniel R. A. Spencer

Chief Public Outreach Officer & Co-Founder

Nathaniel R. A. Spencer Bio

Mr Spencer's contribution to servicing people and community is his claim to purpose in life. His dedication and activism has led him to be called upon in many areas. Among his highlights are the following: He co-founded New Roots - Shawnee Neighborhood Fresh Stop Market, offering food justice and affordable food opportunities to the citizens of West Louisville; He Co-founded Get Up, Stand Up, an international media platform led by a collective of multicultural activists, educators, and multi-media artists, dedicated to amplifying the voices of people of color. His board appointments include: Board of Advisors for the Louisville Film Commission with Metro Louisville Forward; Board Member of the University of Louisville Gheens Science Hall & Rauch Planetarium, serving on the Programming and Community Outreach Committee; He also serves as the Director of the Black Media Collaborative non-profit organization in conjunction with the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage.